Inspiration & Learning a New Language

October 8, 2018


Just in case you hadn't noticed, I've stalled in the production of actual something-to-listen-to podcasts.  Honestly, I've been mired in my own fear of technology and needed a little validation and inspiration.


I learned pretty fast that this new project meant learning a whole new language and that, too, was intimidating.


I don't mean a language like Spanish (which I do need to learn for Patagonia in December, but more on that crazy trip another time); but more "Soundese" ... Audioish..? Podcastian? 


In any event, my 55-year-old brain has been protesting the thought of learning a brand new industry -- once again populated mostly by people decades younger than me -- and all the lingo and jargon that goes with that.  (Apparently the F-word is not as offensive as it used to be. Huh. Don't tell my teenagers I said this.)


And then there's Sound Editing.  😶  


Lucky for me and thanks to my sponsor Generation Law, I spent the last four days surrounded by the best and brightest in the world of audio storytelling. 


Pssst... That right there is the magic word:  STORYTELLING.



Click to check out the fascinating agenda for the

Third Coast International Audio Festival.



I won a lottery for a private session "Tune Up" with Rund Abdelfatah, host and producer for NPR's How I Built This and TED Radio Hour.  Podcasts I love.  


She was so smart, thoughtful and gracious, complimentary and helpful.  She really narrowed down my swirling ideas into something folks will definitely like a lot more than what I was thinking of doing.


 "I would listen to this!"  Rund Abdelfatah, NPR, as we wrapped up my session. 


"Be sure to let me know when you launch!  I can't wait to listen."  That made me so happy.  I felt like Heck yeah, I AM on the right track!   [[FISTPUMP]]


After the Tune Up, a couple great keynotes, a half dozen multi-hour sessions, at least that many sales pitches at sponsor booths, and schmoozing 'til my people-meter was in the red zone, I finally figured it out.


I now understand my role in The Crones podcast. 


I'd always known it's our elder womens' stories in their own voices I wanted to preserve and share, but it's more than just the stories... it's their extraordinary, heart-breaking, fascinating, complicated, wise and wonderful lives today that will bring me to them in my shiny little trailer. 


Which arrives the first week of November.


Inspiration like WHOA.





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