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Put their faces with their voices.  Catch a glimpse of their world.  See their show'n'tell.  Read a few words that they've written.  And let me know if you want to send them fan mail.

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Friends for 55 years through thick and thin, good times and notsogood times.  These two impressive women share their very different pasts and how love, loss, and family are all part of the journey.

And they swear they didn't plan their outfits ahead of time.

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Meet: About


My 2007 running mate for village trustee and one of the feistiest women you'd want to meet.  93 years under her butterfly belt when we spoke over breakfast with her cronies at Brookdale Independent Living in Oak Park, Illinois.

"To ALL Women "WHO Meet for Tea" or Coffee, Eat Sweet Biscuits, Get their Fingers and Toes Painted and TALK, Talk, Talk about the differences of their experiences during "Coming of Age" in their generation. I found that to live an eventful FULL LIFE you have to be part of what is happening in Good or Trying Times and passing on what knowledge and also mistakes you made that will make, as my father always said to me: A Better World Than The One You Will Leave Behind.' I propose a TOAST "L'Chaim - To Life - to drink with Wine or Coffee whenever we meet."

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Meet: About


My Costa Rica mamacita.  

Hoo-boy has she led a life of adventure!

"My hope is that you will wet your pants from laughter and then remember some of your own funny and not so funny pivotal life moments; and be grateful for all the lessons that made the wonderful and unique you that you are today; truly human."

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More energy at 60 than I've had in all my years put together.  A dancing fool with a heart of gold, Ro wrote and performed in a play entitled "1, 2, 3: Goddess - A Celebration of the Maid, Mother and Crone in Every Woman" from which we'll be reading.  
Spoiler Alert:  It's hilarious.

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Meet: About
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