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She's Home to Stay. For now.

Shiny 1963 Airstream Bambi

Remember about a year ago when I excitedly shared that the "Crone Zone" traveling sound studio was home? Well, it left again. And now it's home again! Until I leave again. (Got that?)

Shortly after purchasing the trailer last July, it became clear that it needed way more than the cushions and curtains that the seller told me was all that was required to take her on the road. We're talking seven months and lots of dollars to become road-ready... and still no cushions or curtains to be seen.

Just wanted to share what the rest of my summer will be spent doing (in addition to finally sitting down to learn sound editing, because a podcast without podcasts isn't really a podcast, is it?)

Bambi dinette/twin bed

The front of the trailer has a window above the dinette. The table drops down to make the seating one long area, basically the size of a twin bed. The trick will be creating cushions that fold out from the seats and backs to become a mattress.

Bambi gaucho

The left side of the trailer has a bench seat called a gaucho, which pulls out and allows a piece of wood to drop down and form the base for another twin-size cushion-mattress. I've been told I must keep that rope trim... what do you think?

Bambi lavatory

The right side of the trailer is a small closet, a narrow cupboard with shelves, and a heater that I'll be pulling out (because camping in the winter is something my partner would do... and he's crazy).

In the back of the trailer is a tiny window above the adorable cook top across into the cozy bathroom. You can take a shower, wash your hands, and conduct your morning ablutions all while seated!

Bambi kitchen

That's a fridge under the cooktop; no oven, no microwave. Maybe I'll snag our vintage toaster oven from home... it's just about this old.

Tiny sink with cutting board cover under original 1963 light fixture.

How about that 'marble' formica!?

I've chosen another, era-appropriate formica, in the event this needs replacing, but for now, it's in pretty good shape.

Cassette deck

And finally, a STATE-OF-THE-ART Sound System! I'll pack my cassettes and let the ladies choose their own background music.

The one thing all of these photos have in common?

That layer of greasy grime and dust that coats the entire interior.

I've got a week's worth of cleaning and another week's worth of painting, and then - could it be - CUSHIONS & CURTAINS!

Thanks for following along and sticking with me as I make slow but steady progress to sharing the wisdom of our elder women with more of the world.

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