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I got a trailer for my birthday.

1963 Airstream Bambi

It's a big day! A new birthday, a new project, a new trailer in which to pursue that project, and a new website I made all by myself to introduce what I hope will become an interactive and supportive community that seeks the wisdom of those who have lived long and interesting lives.


My name is Barbara Ann Dolan, "Queen B" to my many roller derby friends, and I am thrilled to launch The Crones, Connecting Women with Wisdom.

I've long dreamed of owning a shiny little trailer and traveling solo across North America; and thanks to the best partner in life a gal could have, I am now the proud owner of a 1963 Airstream Bambi! The same age as me, it's going to need some work before I can take it on the road; but eventually, it will be both cross-country companion and recording studio.

This project was hatched in February of this year as I pondered what I want in the second half of my life (empty-nester that I soon shall be), and the answer to what I wanted was: Answers.

I have so many questions - many of which it turns out, women older than I have already dealt with; so I went online looking for them... the voices of women older and wiser... and there weren't any. Not in an oral history, storytelling, "Let me help you with that tricky situation" in-their-own-voices way.

Turns out, if I have needs or questions, probably other women like me do, too, and somebody has to be the one to say them out loud... might as well be me (I'm bold like that).

So, I will seek out and record those elder women's voices talking about the things that matter to all women, and sharing the stories that made them who they are today.

These Crones - these wonderful older ladies - are an invaluable source of wisdom that can bring women of all ages together as we navigate perimenopause and beyond. We need to talk about this stuff. We need to see and value our elder women, and in turn, see and value ourselves.

It's time to take back the word (check out the About page for more about that) and pay attention to the wise, old Crones among us.

Connecting women with wisdom. We all win.

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