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The Crone Zone is Home!

Purchased in July, my Bambi lived in Lawrence, Kansas up 'til last weekend. It now resides in my backyard in Oak Park, Illinois.

The "Crone Zone" at it's temp home in Kansas

Isn't she cute!? (And the trailer's not bad either.)

My brother (we'll talk about him another time) is a gifted engineer who took good care of this trailer for me. It arrived on a flatbed from Florida and he started right away checking the electrical, mechanical and structural systems. He put in hours of work and made it easy for me to get him the parts he needed so it'd be ready to tow back to Oak Park before winter. We made that road trip last Saturday.

Early start... running lights are, uh, running!

She's still back there!

My first unattended gas station.

We were getting super low on gas and found this spot online.

Well, not entirely unattended... this handsome fella was keeping an eye on things.

The truck's gas tank holds 35 gallons.

We were getting about 10 mpg.

[Insert math here]

We were so close to running out.

And now, my Bambi is at home on her parking pad awaiting things like a water tank, propane fridge, heater and A/C, and of course, the only things I was told she needed, cushions & curtains.

She'll be a sexy little sound studio when I'm done with her.

* * *

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